Why Not Being Nice, Sucks.

Nails Mahoney
3 min readOct 12, 2017


Do you remember your first day in your new job?

It might have been ten years ago or heck, it could have been last week!

Think back to how you felt.

I’m going to guess a little bit of apprehension mixed in with excitement and nerves.

Wondering what your new co-workers will be like, how you will fit into their already established routines and relationships.

What the studio will feel like when you do your first link. Whether everyone will listen to your first show and judge you. That anxiety of ‘can I do this?’.

Possibly one, some or all of those. Plus I’m sure you can add your own in there too.

Think back to that first day. There was one person in the building who made you feel extra welcome and extra comfortable. Perhaps everyone was nice, but you remember that ONE person in particular. Sort of the way you recall a school teacher who treated you with respect.

Maybe they did something simple like a kind word or welcoming smile. Whatever they did for you on your first day, it helped.

“I am supposed to set an example to young players” : Zenedine Zidane.

Now, you’re the long term employee.

You have the established relationships. You know the routine, the quirky little conversations with the different people, what makes your PD laugh, how the coffee machine needs to be adjusted in a certain way in order to work…all of that.

You take it all for granted now. It’s routine.

Similar to when you start a new journey. Driving on the motorway, looking for signs, for turn offs, concentrating on every part of the trip. Now…you hardly notice the drive. It’s all comfortable.

One day, you’re at your desk and in comes….the ‘New Person’!

Young looking (we all were once), excited, nervous — every emotion you felt once.

You have a choice.

You can ignore them or you can welcome them.

You can be ‘just that guy’ or the ‘Class Act’.

Help them become who they want to become.

“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat” : Jean-Paul Sartre.

Last week in Ireland, the Annual Radio Awards were handed out.

Three people I have coached over the years and a few more I have had good chats with, won awards.

I’m not taking credit for their success, by no means.

However, two of those people got in touch to say ‘Thanks’.

Thanks for what?

Well, the coaching, sure. But the thanks came because they said I supported and encouraged them when they were just starting off.

Isn’t that a lovely thing to hear?

I felt great and they were delighted to give it back.

They will now continue that process with new people in the industry and the circle will continue.

By being the Class Act and not being a ‘dick’ you have a chance to positively influence individuals and affect a culture in an entire industry.

That’s a gift that can’t be wasted. And it’s yours to give for free.




Nails Mahoney

Presenter Coach and Motivational Speaker. “Keep sending your fireworks into the sky”.