Fired? No One Cares.

Nails Mahoney
2 min readSep 30, 2017


Seems a bit cruel to say that doesn’t it?

Of course some people care — your family and close friends, they care.

But…that’s about it. The radio industry doesn’t care. Really….it doesn’t. It just gets along fine without you.

Put it this way: let’s say you’ve been in radio for fifteen years. During that time you may have been with three stations full time. During those fifteen years and three stations, were people fired? Yeah? Sure….of course they were. Here’s a question: Can you name them? ALL of them! No? Hmmm….is that because it didn’t impact you directly? Is that because you just had to get on with your own job and not worry about others and how they would be after being let go? Yup…most likely.

So, now YOU are the one that’s facing an uncertain future. Will you get another job…how long will it take?

Nobody cares. Because they are dealing with their own stuff.

So you have a choice: You can accept that you need to get back on the horse fairly pronto if you want to get back into the industry. OR you can feel hard done by and badly treated and wallow in self-pity…ultimately becoming bitter and disillusioned with radio and life.

Your choice.

You need to care.



Nails Mahoney

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