Challenge The Bear.

Nails Mahoney
2 min readSep 30, 2017

Have you ever stayed in a situation because you feel that it’s just comfortable ‘enough’ and it’s just secure ‘enough’ for you? If you changed something about it, then you could put what you have right now in jeopardy?

Maybe you’re feeling that today. Maybe you’re bored or just not satisfied.

The fact that you feel it means that you know there is something else out there for you. Something better…more rewarding…ultimately more satisfying. That’s important. That’s your instinct….your gut feeling…and it’s never wrong. Ever. You can ignore it and successfully keep it at bay for days, months, years even. But it never goes away because it’s in you…and you can’t escape you.

What do you want? What’s stopping you from going for it?


Probably. You can use other words for Fear — anxiety, worry, responsibility. You can dress it up and disguise it any way you want. Fact remains the same — they are all aspects of Fear.

When you’re faced with something ‘scary’ you can do one of two things: Stay still or Move.

Staying still allows outside forces to dictate to you. Moving hands the control over to you.

Let’s say you’re in the Canadian Rockies….you spot a bear. He’s not far away. You’re scared. What do you do? Staying still means you are depending on him not attacking. Or you can Move — take control for you.

Maybe your ‘bear’ is the rut you find yourself in at work, or the challenge of actually looking for work. Whatever it is, staying still and allowing the outside forces to control you, ultimately won’t serve you. Only when you ‘move’ will you discover your options.

You’ll get to the point where moving is the only option. But try take some action before that happens and when it does happen, listen to it.

It’s You telling You what you need to do. It’s your GPS.

Or you can stay still…that bear will go away eventually, right?



Nails Mahoney

Presenter Coach and Motivational Speaker. “Keep sending your fireworks into the sky”.