3 Problems

Nails Mahoney
1 min readSep 30, 2017

Name three problems you have in life right now.

Just three.

Probably not too difficult, is it? They could be to do with your finances, home life or career? It could be that the electrician said he would call between 9 and 2pm and it’s now 4:30 and he hasn’t shown up. Or somebody said something to upset you and make you question yourself….whatever.

We can all think of three.

You will always be able to think of three problems.

When I hear radio people say “I would love to apply for that job…but right now I need to sort out this particular problem” or “If only I could figure this problem out, everything would be OK…until then, I’ll just have to wait”.

You will always have three problems. Solve those three…and three more will appear…then three more and on and on.

Waiting for your problems to go away is a delay tactic.

Why are you delaying? What is stopping you today from trying?

Delaying forever holds you back and denies you the happiness and joy that you deserve.

And that’s a problem.



Nails Mahoney

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